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Our Story

Frontier Services Group is a locally owned and operated home and commercial restoration group based in Houston, Texas. With a rich legacy of exceptional customer service and invaluable experience in the restoration industry, the owners of Frontier have created an organization that offers personalized attention and creative solutions for each and every customer.

Founding Partners Gregg Autrey and Dennet Vera spent years working together in the restaurant industry where they developed a solid foundation in the fields of customer service and business management. Dennet was ultimately introduced to the restoration and recovery business by a customer and then brought Gregg on board to work with him. For more than ten years during their time spent working for a restoration company, they witnessed home and commercial disasters at their very worst…and people at their most devastated points.

Through their experiences of witnessing numerous people try to recover after terrible hardship and disaster, Gregg and Dennet realized that there were serious gaps that needed to be filled within the restoration industry. They believed that people dealing with a personal crisis such as a home disaster should be treated with the utmost respect and deserved personalized attention, trustworthy business practices, and unmatched customer service. Ultimately, because of their observations of what they thought was lacking in the industry, they created Frontier Services Group. Today Gregg and Dennet continue to go above and beyond to offer their customers an exceptional value and complete and total peace of mind on every project.

Our Promise

Our customers and their experience is our number one priority. For that reason we strive to make your recovery process as efficient and successful as possible. We do this by following a set of guidelines to ensure that no step is overlooked, and that every possible measure is taken to deliver exceptional service, quality, and value. In order to achieve these results, we believe it is necessary to work closely with your insurance company and any other agencies involved in your claim. Without effective communication and a thorough understanding among all parties, job setbacks and issues are more likely to arise; by working together we will prevent these unnecessary delays and better service your needs.